Crazy over Midi - Part 3

Oct 23, 2014

Have I mentioned I was obsessed with midis this year? Here's the part 3 of my midi skirt series.

Another black midi from Dorothy Perkins, topped with a sleeveless polka dot top from Kitschen.

I use this almost once a week to school (well, not really... I have other ootd's) and just wear black cardigan on top of it.

Awkward one. I obviously forgot how to pose. But I am posting anyways. At least I have something to laugh at a few years from now. (I know you're laughing at me now but I say.. laugh! Go ahead! or smirk... Go ahead. Smirk!)

For I am also laughing my way to the bank. *Giggles*

Crazy Over Midi - Part 2

Sep 30, 2014

This is a long overdue post... photo taken a few months back because I was planning to post a series of my midi skirt outfits... for school.

I love Dorothy Perkins, really. Most of my midi skirts are from there. I especially like the outlet in Subang Parade. They always put my style of clothes on sale.  He-he.

So yeah, here's the ootd.

Truly crazy about midi... because you can be stylish and yet can exude a relaxed look at the same time.

Crazy about midi part 1 here:

By the way, I wear the most comfy of all shoes to school. Jelly Bunny shoes come to mind when it comes to comfort. It's just too bad that I left this at a hotel we were staying at when we were in Adelaide, South Australia for a family holiday in June this year. Will try to get another pair.

Coming up next is another midi skirt from... errr... yeah... Dorothy Perkins.


Flower Power

Sep 22, 2014

Oh why... hello there, blog.

It's been a while.

Things had been busy the past months.

But I am back.

With power.

Flower power.

I love my maxi dress.

It's so girly.


Inspite of what the husband said, that is. Here's the conversation before this shoot:

Me: Do I look like our couch, dear?
He: No, dear... you look like our curtain.


I wasn't offended, honestly. I found the comment cute.

Cheers to you all, fashionistas!


Jelly Bunny | Black Flats

May 22, 2014

2 months I've been using my Jelly Bunny black flats and my feet still smell like jelly every time I take my shoes off. 

It's comfy too. I usually don't wear close-on-the-toes shoes coz my toes hurt but with Jelly Bunny shoes, I can wear them all day.

By the way, I got this pair of Jelly Bunny from Sunway Pyramid.


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