Schenker, My Guitar Man

Jan 15, 2016

Hello there!

Welcome 2016!

 It's been too long since I wrote a post. Well, I'm back. I hope this time, it will be for good, since I am already well-adjusted to my new "environment."

 I just want to share this video of Schenker playing the Oceans song by Hillsong United. Schenker has been playing guitar for 3 years now.

Last year, for his birthday gift, he got an Ibanez guitar from his grandparents. The brand was his choice. We went into a basswood guitar shop. He started looking around. Strummed guitars as he walked past each. There's this one particular guitar that he strummed and never left it. The guy who was helping us showed him other guitars but he was so smitten by this one. It's a good thing price wasn't an issue (grandparents paying, otherwise, we'd die). So he got it.

He's been enjoying his guitar since then.

Well, here's the promised video. Hope you'll enjoy watching it.

Samantha's OOTD and Hard Earned Cath Kidston

Jun 18, 2015

When I grow up, I want to be like Samantha. She is so inspiring.
She knows what she wants and tries hard to achieve it.

She studies hard, too, knowing that if she gets A+ on her test paper, she gets RM10 from her Daddy. An A would earn her 5RM. So for the past few months, she has saved more than RM500 just from doing well in her test results.

Last Sunday, we were passing by Cath Kidston at Sunway Pyramid. I thought of just going for a quick look. I love to see all those pretty stuff in Cath Kidston. I thought just to see things inside would make me happy. (That shallow, eh... but hey, it doesn't take much to make me happy).

Samantha was with me and she saw something she liked. She said, she wanted to have it. I told her, I just bought her her school bag from there. But she really liked the bag and she told me she had savings. And so, I let her buy her new bag.

To see her buying a Cath Kidston from her hard-earned money was really a proud moment for me, not because of the material things she gains but a lesson she learned that you can actually do some stuff if you keep on working hard.

Here she is with her #ootd

White dress from Zara
Pink shoes from Jelly Bunny

Light blue top and white lace shorts from Mango Kids.
Purple iPod Nano (courtesy of her Tita Joy from Hawaii)
Black flats from Jelly Bunny (yes, she too, is a fan of Jelly Bunny like her mother.
Hair in a bun coz she just got back from her gymnastics training.

She is a happy girl. I want to be like her.


Mario Badescu from Luxola

Apr 24, 2015

Who would have thought I would try a new product for my skin? When it comes to skin care, I am very picky.

I used to have a very oily skin on my face. And you know what it means to have oily skin, right?


You name it.

Then I started using water-based products on my skin and my skin became better. What I didn't know was, you cannot use the same product for too long coz not only it will change your skin stype, it will make it sensitive, too. And my skin became just like that, sensitive, and dry.

My skin started to become sensitive until I had to go to a skin clinic and had a treatment for a year. From then on, I knew I needed to be careful on what I use for my skin.

I opt for mild ones, for sensitive skin.

Somehow, my face got better. I could still see some red marks on my face, though... but it's not that bad.

When I saw this product Mario Badescu  Aloe Vera Toner from, I knew I had to try it. It promised of soothing irritation to the skin as it tones. 

Closeup 62f91e09754f700d7da003ed3398df09a9458e15 1412045579 aloe vera toner

I have been using it for more than a week now and I could see the difference. The red marks I used to have are nowhere to be seen now.

I also tried using Mario Badescu Enzyme Revitalizing Mask and it's awesome. It has helped brighten my tan skin. I wasn't scared to use this one as it's mainly made up of natural ingredients like papaya and grapefruit extracts. I love the yummy smell, too, I could lick my face everytime I use it. LOL.
Closeup b9208323059c039c72468bd3da2d82d724dfdf78 1412046440 enzyme mask

Anyways, if you are experiencing some sensitivity and dryness to your skin, give Mario Badescu's Aloe Vera toner and Enzyme Revitalizing Mask from Luxola a try

Also, as my reader, I could give you a treat of 15% discount if you buy any of the products from Luxola.. Just use BLX-SPEAKS code upon checkout. 

By the way, this is my latest photo with my good friend, Rach.


Crazy over Midi - Part 4

Dec 15, 2014

 Hah! I finally got the shoes I want for my new midi skirt. It's kind of hard to look around for it. Searched the online shops for a pair as well but nothing I saw matched what I wanted.

Here's another midi outfit that I wore to friends' wedding. The theme was: Gray, seamint green and white. I opted for black and white coz I don't fancy gray and kind of hard to find seamint green.

Here's my outfit details:

Long sleeve crop black top: Forever 21
White high-waist midi skirt: Zara
White high-heeled shoes: URS
Purse: Coach

And my best accessory: My husband.

Have an awesome week, everyone! Happy outfitting!


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