Crazy over Midi - Part 1

Apr 23, 2014

Crazy over Midi nowadays. Been on a lookout for it. And I absolutely love this plaid checked midi skirt from Dorothy Perkins, Subang Parade.  Paired it up with this red long-sleeve-rolled-up-to-three-quarters shirt from Cotton On.

Oh, one more thing. I simple adore this black flats from Jelly Bunny. My feet literally smell like jelly after taking them off.

Red is one of my favorite colors to wear. And black. and White. LOL. I just realized all of my favorite colors are in this outfit.

OOTD | Samantha's Steve Madden Boots

Apr 20, 2014

It's kind of hard to look for boots for kids where I live. If ever I can find one, I guess it's gonna be real expensive.

Who would wear pure leather boots in a tropical country, anyway?

Well, I found myself looking up online. Got a little frustrated either because the shipping fee is expensive or they don't send to Malaysia.

 I ended up asking my sister to buy. Have I told you my sister is the most generous of all souls I have ever have in my life?

She bought Samantha a pair of Steve Madden boots. It was a pleasant surprise because when she asked me for Samantha's shoe size, she was looking at an Old Navy's shelf of boots. LOL.

Anyways, Samantha loves her boots so much. I actually had my sister get it for our trip somewhere soon and to where we are going is gonna be winter. But she started wearing them already! It's fair, actually, when you think about it, you just want her to get used to walking around in a pair of leather boots.

 Above image is Samatha wearing her Steve Madden boots and me wearing a shift dress (Pure Classic from Parkson Subang Parade) my husband bought as a birthday gift two years ago but wore my husband's sweatshirt (Marks and Spencer's, Paradigm Mall) over it coz I felt cold. So I call it: husband sweatshirt (remember boyfriend jeans?) :) He-he-he.

Happy Easter, by the way, everyone!


Sarah McLachlan: The Voice of an Angel

Feb 26, 2014

Sarah McLachlan: who does not love her and her angelic voice? Her song, "Angel" will always be special to me. I instantly loved it when I saw the movie "City of Angels." I know it's a pretty old movie but the song never wears out.

 Don't you just love that unique tone of her voice? I am not sure if she has a guitar version of the song-- although I have seen many guitar versions in youtube.

 I have always wanted to have a matin rosewood cas and do an "Angel" cover, but I am not that good in playing the guitar! I guess it will remain to be a dream. But thanks, Sarah for inspiring me!

Valentines 2014

So, how did you spend your Valentine's Day? I know that most couples have gone out to dine at a restaurant or something but to be honest, I don't really like eating out on Valentine's for many reasons.

 First, the eating places are always crowded we miss the point of going out to have a romantic, private dinner. Second, meals are always overpriced as the flowers on Valentine's. So, for me, I would rather let V-day pass by and then we go out to eat. Anyway, in my opinion, there's nothing magical about the date.

 Speaking of romantic dinners, hubby and I always enjoy it with a good music. It does not have to be live, or I don't mind if they use blx288 at guitar center or not as long as there's a soft music in the background, that's great for me. Before ending this post, I'd like to ask again how you spent your V-day. Care to share?


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